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Why pay $60+ when BizNameSearch will provide NUANS for $44.95. In a hurry? We'll process & email you the results today.**

**regular business hours only - off hour & weekend requests are processed next business day

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What is a NUANS name search?

NUANS is a computerized system that reserves your business name for 90 days. In order for you to register or incorporate your business, a NUANS search is required by the government. We provide sameday NUANS service - submit your request via the form below and we will email you the results (usually within 1hr). The fee is $44.95 + tax (payment by CC). If you have any questions about the NUANS process please see the FAQ or call us at 506.850.7768 and we'll gladly help!

Why should you order your NUANS search from us?

15 years experience doing NUANS 
We're fast & inexpensive - other NUANS providers charge $60+ 
All NUANS are done electronically - no messy snail mail or faxing
Free pre-searching prevents name conflict delays
We uphold the highest standards for customer service & reliability...

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"I wish I had someone like you on my team, great service and a super fast response. Thanks."


Kim Paul Negus
Montreal, Quebec


"Quick, thorough search; low rates. Wow!"


Cece Pyke
Oromocto, NB


"The service was very fast and professional. When I had a question regarding online incorporation the response was clear and I was able to get back on track to my Incorporation filing process." 

Herb Stiene
Project Works Group Inc.
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"I was extremely satisfied with your service. I would
definitely recommend biznamesearch to anyone looking for a NUANS search." 


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Samba Solutions Inc.
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"Service was excellent. The delivery of the product was as described. It helped us to incorporate fast and accurately."


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Chartered Accountants
London, ON